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Friday September 30, 2005

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# 1191

Age: 39
Occupation: Sales
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Character at me quiet, I lovely and kind, tender and attentive, gentle and reliable, decent(considerable) and sociable, careful and intimate, full of forces and love, caress. I dream of stability, calmness, security.
In the evenings and on the days off we walk on city, we wander on blossoming avenues and we admire beautiful summer landscapes.

I dream to meet the reliable, kind, careful, gentle person, to make the him a life more easy, more beautifully, more interestingly, more joyfully. I search for the man for whom I shall become the most gentle and loved. I shall divide(share) your pleasures, and to be with you together till last days our life. Please, write in detail on itself and send last a photo. (no more 200kb)

# 1161

Age: 39
Occupation: Draftsman
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Hi! My name Zulfija to me 39 years. I am divorced, children are not present. I hope for happy meeting, for creation of family . unique (sole) and lovely to me by the man. If you - noble, optimistical, beautiful internally and externally, kind, write to me the letter. Can be, you what I wait. Best regards. Zulfija

# 1131

Age: 36
Occupation: Teaching
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Hi, the dear friend! I on character the quiet person counterbalanced, but also very sensitive. And at the same time I very simple woman. The biggest value in a life for me is a fidelity, love, reliability, understanding and respect. As the wife - I constrained, correct, as the friend - reliable and understanding, as mother - tender, careful.
The biggest my dream that beside be the reliable, careful, correct, kind, understanding, gentle, loveliest person was. I shall answer same.
I have decided to make friends with you. I hope, what is it the letter becomes the bridge between our hearts. I believe, that you also, as well as I dream of strong family, the cosy and pure house, warm relations, tenderness, care and love.
Let me to tell a little about itself. My name is Natalie Pulukchu. To me of 36 years, growth of 166 sm, weight of 75 kg. At me black hair and brown eyes. So has developed in a life, that I one bring up the son - Maxim. To him of 10 years. The son at me very serious boy: kind, gentle and tender, sympathetic, very diligent in study. The son is engaged in sports - ball dances and makes the big successes. I the teacher of initial classes. This job enables to contain our small family. I try to bring up the son in kindness and in caress, and in severity too. I, on character the quiet person counterbalanced, but also very sensitive. And at the same time I very simple woman. The biggest value in a life for me is a fidelity, love, reliability, understanding and respect.

As the wife - I constrained, correct, as the friend - reliable and understanding, as mother - tender, careful. I not such woman who estimates the person on growth, to color of hair and his bank account. I search for internal beauty. If you agree to share with us our beautiful world - write. And I shall become for you the woman of your dream, and you for me the most close and dear person on the ground.
I wait for your answer. Write to me. Natalie Pulukchu.

# 1121

Age: 35
Occupation: Lawyer
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Hello! My name is Natalia.
I would like to get acquainted with a man that wants to create a family. It would be really great to meet a family oriented man able to support it. My Mr Right should be affectionate, caring, kind hearted person, neither greedy nor rude. It is essential that he should love children and treat them well. And I appreciate understanding very much.
I was married. I have a son, he is 12. His name is Roman. He is a very good boy. Roma is interested in sports. His dream is to become a professional football player. Have you got any children? How old are they? What are their hobbies?
I like reading. I learn foreign languages in my free time. And I am interested in astrology ( I hope it doesnt seem silly).

Please write about yourself in detail if possible: How old are you? What is your height/weight? What do you do? What are your hobbies? Do you like animals? Have you got any pets at home? Would you like to have children in wedlock? I would like to have your photos.
If you know Russian, write in Russian, please. You may write in English, Spanish, or Polish as well.
Bye, Natalia

# 1107

Age: 37
Occupation: Medical laboratorist
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I am quiet and friendly person. I wish to have a family. I would like to have beloved and loving husband. I like reading, listening to music, going to theatres and concerts. I like walking in the parks, playing the piano, and I like my work. I like pets - dogs and cats. I like seeing new places. I have been to many cities in Russia and other countries of CIS (former USSR). I like cooking, trying new recepies of cakes and pies. Especially I am good in cooking meat dishes. I like spending holidays with my family. I like to make people around me happy. If they are happy I am happy too.

I would like to meet a man with interests close to mine, who is not drinking and who wants to have a family. I am looking for a nice and kind man, possibly with children, whom I will be a good friend or mother if they do not have one...

# 1104

Age: 35
Occupation: Nurse
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I am ukraine girl. I live in Ukraine. I am an adventurous, stimulating, optimistic, passionate and influential person. And I have been described as an "Enigma" by some. I keep active by swimming, playing tennis and I also like to travel.

I look for "C.A.S.S.E.T". qualities in a man, which is: C: Compassionate A: Adventurous S: Spontaneous S: Sincere E: Etiquette (good) T: Travelled (well) Above all you must wish and LOVE to laugh, so no supercilious men please! Please when you will write me include your e-mail!!

# 1096

Age: 38
Occupation: Teaching
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Hi! I very much want to get acquainted and make friends with the man which as well as I live in loneliness. I dream to create strong family, to live in the pure cozy house, to divide own love and tenderness with the favourite person.
So has developed my destiny, that I one bring up two daughters: Olga - 15 years, Nastya - 8 years. The senior girl from 5 years studies the English language and well goes to school. The younger daughter dances and sings, acts at concerts. Girls very much like to play games on a computer, they read much. We three together live in a cosy apartment; girls help me to be in charge of housekeeping. Every summer we go to have a rest to Black sea.
I try to teach owned children to be honest, kind, sympathetic. I am very happy, that I have such beautiful and clever children. I live for the sake of owned children. But in me there is still more many a goods, tendernesses and to love which I dream to present the favourite person. Character at me kind, calm. I very sensitive and devoted. I have fine parents: father - the engineer, mother - the doctor. Parents gave me good education. I dream to meet the man and I want to become for him( the loyal, reliable friend, the tender, devoted wife. I want, that with me beside the strong, reliable person always was. It is necessary for me to care of loved to the man: to give him own love and pleasure, to wait from work, to create heat and a cosiness in family, together to work and have a rest and simply to live happily.
I like much in a life - I read much, very much I like to knit, look films. I like to have a rest on the nature; I like, when children are beside. Me very much does not suffice in my life of the true friend, loved the man and I would like, that this person became you.

# 1092

Age: 36
Occupation: Healthcare
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I am caring,open minded,faithful and very romantic woman. My friends would say that I`m very attractive. I have a great sense of humor and believe life should be fun! I enjoy cooking, dancing, travel. I was born in Russia, and have lived in America for 8 years now.

I would like to meet a man who is honest,faithful,romantic,warm,caring and sincere for creating a loving happy life with me. Please contact me!

# 1084

Age: 37
Occupation: Manager
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I think that the best way to know the person is to meet with him!!! I'm a kind honest romantic person by nature I love life and everything wonderful in it. I'm fond of theatre opera jazz traveling I like to make my house cozy and comfortable with warm atmosphere so that my family could feel safe and comfortable both spiritually and physically I'd like love understanding and respect that are the basis of our family life .

I would like to meet a kind sincere reliable man (40-55 old) who is able to love and respect a woman.

# 1073

Age: 39
Occupation: Cosmetics
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I dream of strong family, the cosy, convenient, calm house, warm and sensitive, kind relations, tenderness and care, and certainly about love. I can give all this. But for this purpose it is necessary for me find out you better. My heart speaks me, what exactly you - that unique which I so for a long time wait which so does not suffice me in a life.
I one bring up fine, already practically adult children. The daughter of Sveta - finishes the first rate of university on a speciality - management of foreign trade activities. She very mobile, cheerful, sociable, kind, sympathetic girl. Teachers from university thank me for the fine daughter, everyone love her - both teachers, and girlfriends, and I. Houses at me in all the order, my children help me in it. In the days off we together tidy up the house, together we go shopping behind purchases, together we prepare, we like together to walk on city. To us it is not boring together, we well understand and we like each other. I teach children to love and understand people, to be patient and kind. In our house it is a lot of colors and a magnificent Polynesian cat - Richard - our common favourite. We very much love the nature, animals, with the great pleasure we watch on TV programs about animals and about travel. They are ours transfers are loved, thus, we travel. I very much love my children and I am proud of them.
I have pleasant appearance, the big expressive eyes, a beautiful womanly figure: a beautiful breast, a narrow waist, long harmonous legs. Men frequently turn around and for a long time admire me, but I not the supporter of short and casual relations. I protect myself for one man to which I shall give all myself. I work as the adviser on beauty in the company on cosmetics. At me it well turns out also to me it pleasant. I very sensitive person. I very much like to see around of happy people and if at it is present though any share of my participation - I especially feel happy. I the harmonous, beautiful, young woman full of forces, feelings, caress. In me the huge amount of not spent tenderness and love is saved up. Character at me calms, kind, cheerful. Inside me the vigorous, constrained, loyal wife, the reliable, cheerful friend, attentive, caring and loving mother harmoniously get on. I do not smoke. The woman is a flower which should smell sweet is my belief.
What it is pleasant to me? I very much like to enjoy beauty in its any display, I very much like to spend time in family, to arrange well the house, to look after colors, I like to prepare. I very much like to listen to music. In my opinion, music - the most mysterious art determining and expressing condition oppress. I very much like classical music (Bah, Mozart), popular (in which "soul" is felt), and also meditative ("space"). Very much I like to read, I prefer an adventure genre, also I am fond of psychology, it is a little esoterics. As to cinema, I love films of having a rest character: adventures, comedies, sometimes it would be desirable something historical. Still I like to travel, I dream to visit Egypt and Tibet.
The biggest my dream is to feel stability, calmness and security. To feel beside loving and reliable, good person, in the mornings to prepare him for a breakfast, to think of him in the afternoon, to wait for him from work, to treat with a tasty supper, to surround his tenderness and care, to give him pleasure. It seems to me, that you could become for me such person. Still I want to tell about myself, that not such woman who estimates the person on growth, to color of hair, superficial beauty or his bank account. I know that it helps, but there are things which are more important. I search for internal harmony and beauty. I very much want, that you were happy and I shall try to make all for this purpose.If you agree to share with us our small beautiful world and small pleasures - write. And probably I shall become for you the woman of your dream, and you for me most dearly and the kindred spirit person on the Earth. I shall not disappoint you. Believe me. I wait for your answer.
With tenderness Maya.

I dream to meet kind, reliable, serious, affectionate, caring the man, to create with him strong and amicable family, to present him my heart, to make his life more easily, more beautifully, more brightly. I search for the man for whom I shall begin the most affectionate, loved; I shall become for him paradise on the ground. I it can and very much it I want. I want to meet the person between 40 and 50 years. I shall share your pleasures, to be with you together about the latest our days. I shall be to you the friend and your beloved, during good and bad times and always - always you will be in my heart.

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