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World Wide Express Mail Service

Here's how it works. You e-mail them your letter by using the order form provided. Once they receive your letter they will e-mail it (the same day) to the appropriate Foreign office. There, a hard copy of your letter will be printed. Your letter will then be placed in a local style envelope and mailed. Your letter will be in the local Postal system within 1 business day after they have received it. They will only notify you if a letter is returned to them for any reason. If they do not notify you then you can be sure your letter has reached its destination.

Phone Translation Service

They have developed this service for those who wish to communicate with individuals in Russia and the CIS countries who do not speak English. They have trained Russian interpreters who are now standing by to assist you in making that special phone call.

Express Flower and Candy delivery

They are offering a gift delivery service for the Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine and Cartagena, Colombia areas. Now you can let the woman you are interested in know that you truly care by sending her flowers, candy, and even champagne.

Cyrillic Starter Kit and Fonts
Cyrillic Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin using Cyrillic in all your Windows applications: four Cyrillic TrueType fonts and the latest version of our popular Cyrillic Keyboard utility. It supports the two most popular and useful Cyrillic character sets: Windows Cyrillic, Code Page 1251 and Internet Cyrillic (KOI8). Both of these contain the characters needed for English and all modern Slavic languages that use a Cyrillic alphabet, as well as several typographical symbols.

Russian Visa Service

If you are planning your independent travel to Russia, This service will be happy to assist to get your visa for entrance into the country. All travelers who enter Russia must have a valid passport ( valid 6 months from date of return ) and Visa.

US Visa Service

This business offers Immigration Support Services Now no matter what your immigration needs are; K-1 Fiancee Visa, Alien Relative (or spouse), student or work visas, illegal alien status, and U.S. INS immigration petitions.


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