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Friday September 30, 2005

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# 1206

Age: 19
Occupation: Employee
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I very much love music. I write songs, verses, I draw. I play on a guitar. It is pleasant to me in a life much, but I try to spend in park, theatre, a museum, a cinema and is $more often in library. Very much I love animals. I dream to learn riding. Earlier at leisure I knitted a hook, embroidered, sewed to me a dress. Now on all this there is no time. When went to school, acted at regional and city concerts, and also at school on holidays. Very much I like to make compositions of colors.
Very much I love the nature, because we a part of it, and it a part of us. The nature inspires and inspires us. On the nature it is possible to relax, behold and dream. In a life there is one more pleasure which I love - children. They, as angels - are pure(clean) and innocent. Bye-bye our severe world will not make their others. I like sports and different kinds of sports. I look boxing on TV. I am engaged swimming. I like to go by a bicycle, to play badminton, volleyball, backgammons. Especially I like to read fiction. Even began to collect small library of liked books. Recently began to collect coins. To music I listen on mood. In our family it is very tasty will cook. And I aspire to be typed(collected) such experience too that also it is good to learn to cook.

I want to meet the man capable to make our life happy and reliable. That he was kind, gentle, responsible, careful. I appreciate such qualities as - honesty, decency, validity. I dream to be happy and loved. To find the half and to live with her all life. I want to be good mother and the wife.

# 1196

Age: 18
Occupation: Student
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I am cheerful, kind, sociable, true, romantic, with sense of humour. I like to sing, dance, prepare for exotic dishes, to travel, draw, read the classical literature, to play badminton, to visit theatre. I love the nature and a domestic cosiness.

I dream of the fine person with which I shall live all life together to divide for two fifty-fifty everything, that the Destiny will send. I want to be happy and to make the happy elect. I shall answer only the detailed serious letter. Please send last photo (no more 150kb). Donít forget to include a contact e-mail address!

# 1193

Age: 20
Occupation: Student
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I dream about happy friendly family where everybody has love and respect to each other. I want to hear happy childrenís love, to meet my husband after work, to cook for him supper, to spend long evenings together, to divide all joys and troubles and Ė itís the most important Ė to love and to be loving. I think the most important things in family are love, believing, respect and mutual understanding.

I was always dreaming to find a man who is a knight in his soul and who has a lot of love to give to his lady and to win her heart and love. I think he has to be a gentleman and to show his emotions and feelings to his wife and to take care of relations as she does so relations would be based on trust and care, understing and support, relations that will lead to life long marriage with a kind, warm and loving man.

# 1186

Age: 18
Occupation: Student
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Hi I have a bright and cheery nature . I live now in england with my family , I have been in england since Easter 2005 .I love to read , Watch tv , a social drink , and I love to write poetry.

I am looking for some one who has a caring nature a sense of humour and a trustful Nature who is a non smoker.

# 1185

Age: 21
Occupation: Lawyer
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I am a beautiful, smart young lady with high moral values. I am affectionate, faithful, modest and passionate. I think it is important to be independent and principled in life. In people I value an ability to present yourself in any situation. I treasure purposefulness and independence. I respect people who have accomplished a lot in life. I dream to be a good lawyer and may be an attorney. I am partial to sports. I like dancing, beautiful clothes, Italian cuisine and refined jewelry. I collect cards with the photos of famous models. Being a driver I dream to get a Ferrari some day.

I dream to meet you: my one and only, unique, perfect and courageous one. I dream to get married and create a family. I want to have a son and raise him with my beloved one. I am impatiently waiting for you.

# 1184

Age: 23
Occupation: Cashier
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Character at me quiet, kind, cheerful. I lovely, quiet, true, kind, tender, close(attentive), gentle, modest, sociable. I have dream - to operate the automobile, and also I dream of travel, but for the present anywhere was not. But the biggest my dream, this to feel stability, calmness, security near to the reliable and good person.

I dream to meet the kind, fair, careful, serious person, to create with him strong and amicable family. If you such, I shall divide(share) with you pleasures and troubles together, I shall be your friend and always you will be in my heart.Please, write in detail on yourself and send last a photo. (no more 200kb) Don't forget to include a contact e-mail address!!!

# 1171

Age: 20
Occupation: Student
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Iím attractive young darkbrown girl with green eyes. Iím active and think movement Ėis my style of life Iím cheerful and like to communicate very much .I like my work ... Iím very romantic person and dream my man Ďll bring me a cup of coffee to my bed. I like quiet and family cozyness.

I would like to meet you - sincere , devoted, kind, decent man, where ever you are . Iíll try to bring light, warmth, joy and care in your life.

# 1162

Age: 23
Occupation: self employed
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I like having fun with elder men,or myself.
Looking for Honesty,love,Commitment,Romance,and man that makes me laugh!

# 1155

Age: 23
Occupation: Vet doctor
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I am a loving life, affectionate, kind lady with a good sense of humor. The number of my friends is a prove to all of that. I enjoy reading books, to go in for sport, animals.

In my future partner I would like to find such traits like: kindness, decency, affection, honesty, care and love to life. I dream about a strong and good family based on mutual feelings, faithfulness, care and trust with my man. I want to love and to be loved.

# 1150

Age: 23
Occupation: Photographer
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I am a student of Siberian International Relations Institute. I like music and movies very much. I am going for sport. I am interested in psychology and philosophy. No smoke.

I would like to meet self - confident and independant man ( 28 - 65) with common interests. May be he is from France. I will reply all letters with pictures.

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