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Saturday September 24, 2005

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# 1204

Age: 52
Occupation: Manager, Economist
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I the household person: very much I love the cosy, pure, convenient, quiet house in which reign warm and kind relations between all members of family. At nature I cheerful, kind, emotional, with sense of humour, the woman. But sometimes the life forces me to be strict, basic, but fair.
I love music, especially classical, very much I love romances, operettas. I very much love verses, Yesenin's especially love lyrics, I like to read verses aloud. I like to visit a training hall, still more many that I like. But most of all I like to travel, admiring architectural buildings and constructions of cities.

I want, that you were gentle, attentive, kind, intelligent, beautiful soul and sympathetic the man. And if you will possess such qualities, I bathe you in the sea of caress, love, romanticism and passion … Please, write in detail on itself! Your qualitative photo (size no more 200kb) - a guarantee of my answer. Don't forget to include a contact e-mail address!!

# 1203

Age: 52
Occupation: Housewife
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In soul I very attractive woman, and at me have collected a lot of tenderness and caress. I the slenderness, look more youngly the years, character quiet, modest, appeasable, patient. My dream - to feel stability, calmness, security in a life, and alongside native the man. I the woman who aspires to all beauty of a life, love comfort, a cosiness, cleanliness and the order. I hope that sometime my dreams become a reality.
In a life I like much: to travel, admire the beautiful nature, it is pleasant to cook and meet holidays. I like to go to a wood in the summer, and especially I like to spend time near small river: to sunbathe, bathe. I adore the sea. Free minutes I like to esteem good books, I like to look cinema, to listen to modern music, I like to dance, be engaged in aerobics. I no have harmful habits, I like to manage on the house, I like to sew, knit, and especially to cook tasty I peep.

I dream to meet reliable, counterbalanced, kind, careful the man, to be the him the spouse of a life. It would be desirable to feel alongside the reliable, kind, counterbalanced person, in the mornings to cook(prepare) him for a breakfast, to think of it(him) and to wait for the him from work, to indulge a tasty supper. Please, write in detail on yourself and send last a photo. (no more 200kb) Don’t forget to include a contact e-mail address!!!

# 1199

Age: 45
Occupation: Painter-designer
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At me it is a lot of high qualities, but for the beginning I shall tell so: I the excellent mistress, have able fingers and a clever brain, I love humour. Due to these qualities I survive and rather confidently I go on a life. I romantic, inquisitive, talented, loving and gentle.
I love all fine in this world, harmony in all - both in soul, and in the nature, and in art. Due to this need I became the artist. At leisure I write pictures. I am engaged in sailing, I like to travel. I have travelled all peninsula Crimea, was in many cities of Ukraine and Russia. When there is a free time, I always find interesting employment(occupation). I read the literature, basically, on the speciality. I dream to have amicable, strong family where reign love, mutual understanding, mutual assistance. I love children and very much I want to give birth.

I hope to find the worthy father to our future joint children. I want to meet the person with kind heart and open soul, careful, sincere, and loving.

# 1195

Age: 53
Occupation: Travel agent
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I'm Russian lady .I would like to find my soul mate in this world. I feel a good relationship is the most fulfilling goal any of us can seek in this unsettled world. I enjoy a balance of many activities in the home and outside. I would love to be a partner with my future husband in all his interests. I am very serious about all my responsibilities however I am not so serious that cannot find humor and laughter within daily life. I love to laugh. Of course, I enjoy dancing, sports, candle lit dinners, travel, theater and nature. I am a nurturing, honest and caring person who keeps a lovely home. If you think you are the right person, I would love to share my time with you. Please write to me. I will write back to you I would like to meet a man between 57 and 68 years of age—who would be kind …with an open heart…giving of his time and energies…cares and is devoted to his relationship. Thank you for reading my ad. Please only respond if your intentions are true and kind.

# 1173

Age: 55
Occupation: Teacher
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I the careful and sensitive woman. My heart is filled with love and tender feelings and waits for you to dip into the sea of tenderness and care. To decorate grey everyday lives with flowers of love and to decorate your life with all colors of a rainbow. It seems to me, I only start to live: I like to learn(find out) all new, I like to travel and houses like to be. I have not forgotten to be surprised and pleased to simple things and events. I like flowers, the sea, music, dances, books, animals.

I want to meet the man in the age of 50-65 years. He should be White Christian and the optimist together to enjoy a life. In an ideal my partner should be careful, gentle. I want to receive from him the letters written with all the heart and with Love. Please, write in detail on itself and send last a photo.

# 1172

Age: 46
Occupation: Employer
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In my character the tolerance, restraint, reliability prevail. I quiet, very kind and cheerful. I always was the optimist, I like to travel, I read the Christian literature. I very friendly. And still I very much like music: melodious, quiet, sometimes and major. One more my hobby - to raise flowers.

My dream to feel calmness and security near to the good and kind person about whom I could care and give him pleasure.Please, write in detail on yourself and send last photo. (no more than 200kb).

# 1170

Age: 47
Occupation: Engineer
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I prefer to tell you about myself when you contact me.

# 1163

Age: 56
Occupation: Accountant
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On character I the romantic, tender and devoted woman, kind, cheerful, sympathetic. Also I simple and undemanding. In me many not spent feelings which I am ready to present the only thing. I well cook, very much I love cleanliness and a cosiness in the house and I do(make) it with pleasure.I very much love the nature, also I love modern music, books, cinema. Reading of books is an important part of my life. From the literature I like classics (Mark Twen, Balzak). Also with pleasure I read the popular scientific literature (Carnegie, Bredd). Very much I like to travel. I was in Israel. I very much like this country. I perfectly speak on a Hebrew.

I search for the half, the man of the dream. If you the careful person with good soul, decent (considerable) and cheerful, I am ready to love you completely and without conditions. I shall divide(share) with you both mountain and pleasure and I shall be with you always. I shall be your friend and your beloved.Please, write in detail and send a photo.

# 1160

Age: 46
Occupation: Tailor
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During free time from work I meet friends, I read books, I visit exhibitions, concerts, theatres. I like to travel. The great pleasure I am delivers to cook for tasty dishes and to create a cosiness in the house. Very much I love children and I respect older persons, I adore animals.

My the big dream - to find the reliable half and to have happy family. I want, that always we had a peace of mind, mutual understanding and love. I am it would be desirable, that my the elect was the reliable, true friend, kind and sociable - the romantic, loved a life, was the optimist, liked to travel. I shall answer only the detailed serious letter. Please, send a photo.

# 1159

Age: 49
Occupation: Entrepreneur
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I am full of forces and energy, goods soul and sociable, and I am pleasant to be good for people feels from it good mood. Character I have quiet and kind. I the person at heart cheerful. I in family at parents one. But my parents already for a long time are not present in alive, and children adults already, at them the families and cares.
It is tasty I cook, it is pleasant to my children, I am happy also from it. I am much would be desirable to be in time in a life. I love the nature, the hands pleasant to do(make) something. For example, to rise flowers, something to sew for it. I like to drive the automobile, to read.

I dream to feel near to myself reliable the man capable to become I am a support and the friend. I hope to meet the decent, serious person, to create about him strong and amicable family. I shall be loving and gentle and I want, that you became for me unique. Please, write in detail on itself and send a photo.

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