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Frequently Asked Questions
What is this site about ?
This site is about men and women who are looking to meet and correspond with the possibility of finding a loving relationship together. The women we list are from Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) which were at one time a part of Russia. We provide these Russian brides with a place to show their pictures and personal ads at no cost to them.
For the men we offer an easy means to view and navigate all pictures and personal ads of the Russian women. Upon purchasing a membership all telephone numbers, e-mail and postal addresses supplied by the ladies are instantly viewable for contacting the girls who place their personal ads with us. Also we offer the male members who are looking to meet Russian women a place to put their photo and information on-line.
Why Russian women ?
As you can see by viewing the single personal ads on this site, some of the most beautiful women in the world live in Russia. Russian women are extremely realistic and practical in their expectations for life. They consider good traditional family values as being very important when choosing a partner for a lasting relationship. These beautiful women are well educated and seek men who are 10 to 15 years older than they are. They believe that older men are more mature, stable, supportive, and reliable for providing a strong foundation to build a lasting relationship on.
Why do Russian women seek western men ?
In Russia there is a shortage of good men available for marriage. This is due to a higher death rate among Russian men, Russian men have one of the lowest life expectancies rates of any developed country. Also due to the poor economic situation in Russia many men do not want the added responsibility of a Russian wife and family and can not support them.
Western men have a reputation for treating their wives and family very well, they are viewed as being more loyal, reliable, sober, and intelligent than most Russian men.
Are these beautiful women really interested in an older man ?
Russian women view an older man as being more reliable, stable, successful and secure. Russian women are extremely mature and practical for their age. These women are looking for a good stable partner whom they can trust and rely on for support as well as being a good provider for a family.

What is the process for bringing a girl from Russia to the US, and how much will it cost ?
Here is some info on the process and prices if you find the Russian bride you are looking for and wish to marry her. Some people recommend that you get married there. I recommended against that, I have heard that some people have had delays getting a visa after they have married abroad. The simplest is to apply for a fiancee visa Back here in the U.S.. The process and red tape here in the US takes approximately six months and around $85.00 US You may hire an attorney if you wish for the cost of around $500.00 to file the paperwork. This expense is optional. We provide a link to a immigration attorney on our resource page if you wish to go this route. The simplest way is to simply follow the procedure the INS lays out for you. Here are the requirements needed .
What Your Russian bride may need for her interview.

  • Form -156 Nonimmigrant Visa Application & Biographic Data Report Travel Documents: (passport or Certificate of Identity) valid for at least 6 months Children must be included.

  • Birth Certificates: If children are adopted you must submit final adoption decree secondary evidence of birth is acceptable such as a baptismal certificate, or a statutory declaration done before the Commissioner of Oaths.

  • Photographs: Each applicant must submit two color photos 37mm X 37mm (This means you and your Russian bride and children if any)

  • Medical Examination of your Russian bride Performed by an authorized physician

Evidence of Support: American fiancée(e) Must submit form I-134 and a copy of his or her most recent US income tax return: (Form 1040) and W-2 from (for self employed Two or Three years maybe required).

  • Evidence of Relationship: You must submit photos ( of you together) , letters( save postmarked envelopes, especially US postmarks) , phone bills, or other evidence of your relationship. Other things you may be asked for copy of your passport visa when entering and leaving the country.

  • Marriage Certificates: If previously married you should present your divorce decree, death certificate of spouse, etc.

Your fiancée Visa will require that you marry your Russian bride within three months. Change of status. After you are married before the 90 days. You are required to file a change of status with the INS. the cost is approximately $200.00. All this may seem overwhelming to some people at first, but it isn't too bad once you get into it and work your way through it. The INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) like all government agencies like their paperwork so give them as much as you can. You can contact the INS office near you and they will send you all the forms you need for the process at no cost.

What is the best way to send mail, and how long does it take ?
he best way to send postal mail to Russia and the CIS is by registered mail. By using registered mail you are less apt to have your mail tampered with and are more assured of it reaching the intended address. Another good reason to use registered mail is that you will receive a dated receipt from your post office, this will be useful as evidence of when your relationship was established for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) should things progress with the Russian bride of your choice. The cost of sending registered mail is by the weight, one letter and a few photos will cost around five dollars. Never try to send cash in a letter, in Russia you run the risk of your letter and all future letters being rerouted to someone else's pocket even when using registered mail.
Currently the time for a letter to be delivered in Russia is slow compared to the mail system in America. It is possible for a letter to be delivered in a little over a week, but the norm is more like two or even three weeks depending on the area of delivery. We have set up a link with a Russian e-mail forwarding service on our resource page, who will copy your e-mail letter and pictures which are then delivered to your lady for a reasonable fee. This will usually deliver your letter to your Russian bride in under a week.

Do I need to translate my letters I send ?
No it is not necessary to translate the letters you send unless the Russian bride you are writing requests you to do so. Most of the Russian women listed on this site speak some English or are currently learning the English language. If the woman you are writing to can not read English usually she knows a neighbor or friend who will translate it for her. If you do need translation of a letter we have set up a link on our resource page to put you in touch with a business who will translate your letters for you.

Do you offer tours to Russia to meet a Russian bride?
Yes, we have a partnership with one of the best tour companies offering tours to Russia for our members at an reduced price. More information regarding the tours is available in our members area.

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