Monday March 14, 2005



  • Age : 39
  • Height : 178 cm, 5ft 10in
  • Weight : 76 kg, 165 lbs
  • Color of eyes: Brown
  • Hair : Dark
  • Children : Daughter
  • Marital Status : Divorced
  • Profession: Cosmetics
  • Languages: Russian, English
  • Education: Average


I dream of strong family, the cosy, convenient, calm house, warm and sensitive, kind relations, tenderness and care, and certainly about love. I can give all this. But for this purpose it is necessary for me find out you better. My heart speaks me, what exactly you - that unique which I so for a long time wait which so does not suffice me in a life.
I one bring up fine, already practically adult children. The daughter of Sveta - finishes the first rate of university on a speciality - management of foreign trade activities. She very mobile, cheerful, sociable, kind, sympathetic girl. Teachers from university thank me for the fine daughter, everyone love her - both teachers, and girlfriends, and I. Houses at me in all the order, my children help me in it. In the days off we together tidy up the house, together we go shopping behind purchases, together we prepare, we like together to walk on city. To us it is not boring together, we well understand and we like each other. I teach children to love and understand people, to be patient and kind. In our house it is a lot of colors and a magnificent Polynesian cat - Richard - our common favourite. We very much love the nature, animals, with the great pleasure we watch on TV programs about animals and about travel. They are ours transfers are loved, thus, we travel. I very much love my children and I am proud of them.
I have pleasant appearance, the big expressive eyes, a beautiful womanly figure: a beautiful breast, a narrow waist, long harmonous legs. Men frequently turn around and for a long time admire me, but I not the supporter of short and casual relations. I protect myself for one man to which I shall give all myself. I work as the adviser on beauty in the company on cosmetics. At me it well turns out also to me it pleasant. I very sensitive person. I very much like to see around of happy people and if at it is present though any share of my participation - I especially feel happy. I the harmonous, beautiful, young woman full of forces, feelings, caress. In me the huge amount of not spent tenderness and love is saved up. Character at me calms, kind, cheerful. Inside me the vigorous, constrained, loyal wife, the reliable, cheerful friend, attentive, caring and loving mother harmoniously get on. I do not smoke. The woman is a flower which should smell sweet is my belief.
What it is pleasant to me? I very much like to enjoy beauty in its any display, I very much like to spend time in family, to arrange well the house, to look after colors, I like to prepare. I very much like to listen to music. In my opinion, music - the most mysterious art determining and expressing condition oppress. I very much like classical music (Bah, Mozart), popular (in which "soul" is felt), and also meditative ("space"). Very much I like to read, I prefer an adventure genre, also I am fond of psychology, it is a little esoterics. As to cinema, I love films of having a rest character: adventures, comedies, sometimes it would be desirable something historical. Still I like to travel, I dream to visit Egypt and Tibet.
The biggest my dream is to feel stability, calmness and security. To feel beside loving and reliable, good person, in the mornings to prepare him for a breakfast, to think of him in the afternoon, to wait for him from work, to treat with a tasty supper, to surround his tenderness and care, to give him pleasure. It seems to me, that you could become for me such person. Still I want to tell about myself, that not such woman who estimates the person on growth, to color of hair, superficial beauty or his bank account. I know that it helps, but there are things which are more important. I search for internal harmony and beauty. I very much want, that you were happy and I shall try to make all for this purpose.If you agree to share with us our small beautiful world and small pleasures - write. And probably I shall become for you the woman of your dream, and you for me most dearly and the kindred spirit person on the Earth. I shall not disappoint you. Believe me. I wait for your answer.
With tenderness Maya.

I dream to meet kind, reliable, serious, affectionate, caring the man, to create with him strong and amicable family, to present him my heart, to make his life more easily, more beautifully, more brightly. I search for the man for whom I shall begin the most affectionate, loved; I shall become for him paradise on the ground. I it can and very much it I want. I want to meet the person between 40 and 50 years. I shall share your pleasures, to be with you together about the latest our days. I shall be to you the friend and your beloved, during good and bad times and always - always you will be in my heart.

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