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Tuesday December 21, 2004

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# 938
Alexandra Belevich

Age: 48
Occupation: Teacher
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I think, that in me there are such qualities as: the feeling of the debt, kindness, validity, skill to forgive people to not hold insult, to put itself on a place of other person before about something to judge. I serious woman. The most important for me are sincere feelings or even that, arisen thread between two people, which will make them closely more to each other. I respect feelings and ideas of close people. I like to help people and to be good for them. Very much I love animals.
At heart I the patient, hardy, true and family woman. I am able to care of the man, to respect him, it is beautiful to prepare and submit a breakfast, a dinner, a supper. I am able to behave correctly in various situations, never to humiliate other person.
In the house I love cleanliness, the order, I like to knit, read books on various subjects: about space, about connection of religion and a science, about love. I like to look films about love (an example "Bodyguard"), detectives.

AGE max: 60
FROM WHERE: United States/Canada, Europe, Australia
The basic wishes to the partner: I like high and harmonous men, but I dream and I want to meet the favourite and liking person.

# 928
Svetlana Zasenco

Age: 48
Occupation: Technologist in the sewing industry
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I was born in Kishinev, after school worked in the Mode House, finished the college as a technologist of the sewing production. I was married for 20 years, I have a son and a daughter. It so happened that my marriage destroyed. I was married only once and I hope that the next marriage will be the last one. I like nature, to travel. I try to avoid the conflict situations and to find common language with the people. I am optimist by nature.

I hope to meet my life partner. He should be in harmony with nature, soul, morally, a man of action and without prejudices. Most of all I appreciate in the man a responsibility for his deeds, certainly kindness. The height no less than 180 cm, the complexion doesnít matter.

# 926
Alla Lisova

Age: 50
Occupation: Manager
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On nature I am vigorous, kind, careful, clean, romantic, sexual, good housewife. I have planted both has brought up a fruit garden and has constructed small country lodge near reservoir. When the daughter had free time, she helped me on work in a garden. Due to this we have the strawberry, currant, grapes, other vegetables and fruit. All this I grow itself. Besides I very much love decorative plants and flowers, are especial roses. I with pleasure spend weekends in the garden. That I am engaged in physical work in a garden, I look younger than years. I like much in life. I the very alive and sensitive woman. I am able well and is tasty to prepare(cook), to sew, to embroider.
Also I very much love to travel. Some times had a rest abroad, it gives me additional power. I love to float in the sea and well I swim, I love to look at a lunar path and I try each year, though on some days to go to the sea.

I dream to meet reliable, kind, serious, quiet, with sense of humour, magnanimous, clever man to present him the heart, to love and cares of him and to create with him amicable family and to divide together pleasures and adversities. To him there can be between 43 - 70 years.

# 923
Anna Treskova

Age: 46
Occupation: Decorator
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I am energetic, honest, easy-going, responsive, caring, affectionate and loyal.
Hobbies: mountaineering, hunting, fishing, wild nature, animals, theatre, science fiction, swimming, volleyball.

Preferences in a man:
He preferable should be from: USA, Europe, Australia, Canada
Age range: 47-55
Character: I am looking for man wishing to have wife, friend and lover in one person with whom it would be possible to overcome difficulties together. Man who wants and can take care of woman.
My submission of the first meeting: I will take into consideration man's offer.
My perception of an ideal relationship: sincerity, mutual understanding, trust, wish to support partner and help.
Previous relations experience: we should look for our second half even if he/she is far away.

# 890
Galina Aleksandrova

Age: 46
Occupation: Seller-consultant
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Cheerful, tender, attentive, honest, caring, loving peace, people, children, nature, animals, tourism, art, music, literature. I can cook, do everything about the house.
Hobbies: traveling, dogs, teatre, restaurants, nature, horces, shooting.

Preferences in a man: Slim, avarage, attractive, businessman, caring, attentive, kind, tender, wise, loving peace, anumals, nature, tourism, children, art, theatre, music, sport.
He preferable should be from: Europe, Usa, Canada, Australia.
Age range: 40-55
Character: tender, kind, loving children, respecting the family man
My perception of an ideal relationship: life in peace and consent, mutual understanding, respect, attention, caress, honesty, and the main is love.

# 878
Nina Kosocheva

Age: 50
Occupation: Teacher
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My name is Nina. I am from Siberia. I am real Russian lady! I am romantic, kind, honest, loyal, very sociable and full of optimism! I love people very much and have many friends. In people I appreciate mind, kindness, honesty, fidelity. I hate lie and treachery. When the weather is good I like to rest in nature. I like to listen to music very much, I dance and read. I enjoy the theatre.

I want to find a man with honest heart, kind, careful, serious and understanding, who will be a good husband and friend for me!

# 876

Age: 46
Occupation: Manager at the plant
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My name's Tatyana. Iím 46 y.o. but I feel much younger. You donít believe, my friend? Answer to my letter & youíll find in me cheerful, romantic, kind, tender, loving, attractive, with a sense of humor and elegant lady. Do you try to find an ideal wife of your dream? Iíd like to be like her. Besides Iím looking for husband who could be an intelligent, devoted, sober, with a sense of humor and kind friend too. I hope we have more than one mutual interest (though itís the main one-seeking a life partner). For example, I like to read, to play the piano, to swim, to play badminton, shaping, to have romantic travellings and to take care about my nearest and dearest. Have you ever needed a support and understanding of a beloved person? I know what itís and Iím sure I can give it to a man of my dream.

Iím searching for a man with whom Iíll be able to share his opinion, destiny, grief and joy, with whom Iíll be able to go by the way of the life together holding hands. I also wish to find in you a good friend to my daughter and a loving husband to me.

# 872

Age: 50
Occupation: Engineer
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My name is Svetlana. I From Russia. I live in city St.-Petersburg. To me 50 years.I look much more young than years, as I like a active life. I looking for men family oriented for happy marriage. I am divorced. I am blonde with brown eyes.
As for some of the main features of my character:
caring, considerate, and supportive, gentle,honest, sincere, responsible, loving, sensitive, tactfulness and charm, and as sociability, inquisitiveness and romanticism, with sense of humour and family oriented. My trade of engineers - power engineerings. Well I possess the computer.
My interests: cooking, construction of a house, visit of museums, travel, dances, videofilms, books, nature. Also I play on a piano, has finished musical school. I have the daughter. To her 27 years and she is married, and she live separated from me.
I'm searching for a lifelong partner for an happy marriage. I want to give love and be loved.If my letter has interested you, then write please to me.

# 869
Elena Zarifulllina

Age: 52
Occupation: Business owner
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I think of myself as intellegent, easygoing and kind person. I like enjoying life and I love to make those next to me happy. I love traveling, camping and hiking. I am not afraid of trying new things. I am very loyal, reliable and independent, although I can be a very good housewife. I love spending time inside as well as outside. I love cooking, and I think I am not bad in it. Also I love reading, watching movies and just staying home and relaxing around people I love, I care about.

I would love to meet somebody very nice, polite, reliable and kind. I want to spend the rest of my days next to someone special. I think I still have alot to offer, I would like to share it with someone right for me, who I can make happy.

# 866
Ludmila Filonova

Age: 50
Occupation: Economist of mining
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In free time I like to read. Especially I like the popular scientific literature, historical novels, adventure literature. In soul I still romantic and the books about travels to the distant countries especially like to me.
I also am interested archaeology and history of the ancient world. In general interests at me versatile. Now I began to study English language. I as like to knit and to sew, I like of walk on a nature. In my dreams I travel and often behind a rudder of the automobile much. Besides I the good and hospitable housewife. I like to prepare(cook) tasty(delicious) and original dishes. I like to create in the house a cosiness, cleanliness and warm benevolent conditions. I hope, that I can make you happy and I shall try to apply for this purpose all forces.

AGE max: 60
FROM WHERE: United States/Canada, Europe, Australia
My darling - 50-60 years, vigorous, kind and with sense of humour liking sports and travels, non-smoker who is not abusing with alcohol.

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