Friday August 16, 2002



  • Age : 59
  • Height : 183 cm
  • Weight : 92 kg
  • Color of eyes: Blue
  • Hair : Black
  • Children : Daughter and Son, both grown up and
  • Marital Status : Divorced
  • Profession: Engineer Consultant
  • Languages: English
  • Education: Higher


Hello, My approach is with all honesty and with a genuine respect towards committment and nurturing a loving relationship. May I please introduce myself, my name is Michael, and I am 59 years of age. I have been divorced for nearly five years and I live in Perth Western Australia. My children are grown up, I live alone but do share time with my daughter and son. My height is 6 foot or 183cm tall, I have black hair, and my eyes are blue. I like to smile and laugh, honest, reliable, romantic, loving, sensitive, responsive, clean cut, nurturing, spiritual, respectful, flexible, enthusiastic, adventurous, a good sense of humour, earthy, patient, realistic, I have an open mind, intuitive and creative. I am semi-retired after working for thirty four years in the petroleum industry.I have my own business as a Consultant in the field of Asset Management. My soul mate would be my first priority. Consider her needs above everyone else’s. I would feel very proud of her and would always want to prove my love to her. I would very much like to hear from you. Kind regards Michael.

I really do not know how I would describe the women I would most like to meet, it's more or less being judgemental, which is not my style. I have an open mind regarding meeting my soul mate. My perception of an ideal relationship is that my deepest truth about commitment is not an idea, or even an ideal. It is an experience. I feel the doorway to an ideal loving relationship is for me not to control but to be totally out of control meeting my soul mate's needs. I want to build upon what my soul mate and I have created and experienced.


Contact information for Michael
10 Mull Grove, Ocean Reef, Western Australia
Phone: 61 2 08 9 402 3645
Email: [email protected]


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