Monday March 14, 2005

Elena Voloshina


  • Age : 28
  • Height : 174 cm
  • Weight : 59 kg
  • Color of eyes: Green
  • Hair : Red
  • Children : None
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Profession: Teacher
  • Languages: Russian, English
  • Education: University


I the person calm, friends and parents speak, that sometimes I am too much serious. But it does not prevent me to be cheerful, even sometimes ridiculous, in good sense of this word. I the modern girl, therefore love every possible parties with my friends, dances, laughter and in general it is pleasant to me, when people dear to my heart are happy, then also me from it is good, calm and joyful. Very much I love animals; it is especial dogs and cats. Perfectly I understand how the chance at us with you is small, only under the letter and the photo to like each other. But I rely on a case! Perhaps, to us nevertheless will carry, and we shall pull out the happy ticket. In fact set of people live beside, meet casually in the street, pass past, do not notice each other and do not suspect that can be, they would be happy together. It seems to me, I am able to be loved and very much I want to love itself, the person understanding and kind, and in the answer to present him all and to surround with tenderness, heat and love. I very much love children, I think, that it is time to have the child. I think, that family only then high-grade when in it(her) there are children. They bring pleasure and happiness in the house. But it is very important for me, that my child was born in happy and amicable family. As I the person of a creative warehouse - like "to create" on kitchen. Parents and friends speak, that I prepare perfectly. I love the Ukrainian kitchen, but with pleasure would like to learn to prepare for the favourite person for his favourite dishes. I think, that I would be the good, kind mother, the loving wife, the reliable friend, the fantastic mistress for the man which would understand me! In fact all of us are far from perfect and to like - means to understand and accept, instead of to criticize and alter.

Very much I want to meet reliable, serious, affectionate, cheerful, caring the man to which I am ready to give owned heart and own a hand. Let it is banal, but I shall try to make your life interesting, high-grade and joyful. If to you between 30-45 years, and you have read my letter, have felt that we can understand and accept each other such what we is, write to me.

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