Monday April 04, 2005

Alla Pristup


  • Age : 34
  • Height : 158 cm
  • Weight : 54 kg
  • Color of eyes: Green
  • Hair : Chestnut
  • Children : None
  • Marital Status : Divorced
  • Profession: Manager
  • Languages: Russian, English
  • Education: Average

I have a slim figure: beautiful legs, a splendid hip, slender waist. Iím fond of sport, Iím joyful, charming. I am easy in dialogue. I know farmers, shop-assistantís, cookís professions. I love my parents and my daughter, all my close people. I wish happiness, kindness and peace to all people all over the world. I love when it rains; I love when the wind blows, when the sun shines, when there is a snowstorm, when people give each other smiles. I love dancing. I love sport, I go for karate, which makes feel more confidant and in excellent form. I love travelling and camping. I decide to go camping, I can take a bag of food with me Ė about 100 kilos.

You are careful, reliable, and tender. You are from 30 to 47 years old. You are an excellent friend and brave person. You love this life. You never stop because of difficulties. You love children and all this vivid and marvelous thing that exist in our world.

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