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Author: Subject: visiting

posted on 12/23/01 at 12:52 AM
hi all,
I am probably visiting there soon(eastern russia and eastern europe)
I am not rich and I'm not looking for a wife although, I am single.
I'm interested in a companion....and sex!
I would like to go to Moscow, St. Petersburg and across eastern Europe.
I need a guide and partner. Do you want a trip?
Contact me soon at: [email protected]
That is my E-mail address.
How can I contact you? and Where can we meet?
I am serious....are you? Charles

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posted on 12/30/01 at 09:10 AM
Charles, are you looking for friendship, chat, or is this just a case of "russian girls are so hard up that they will screw anyone"? what are you on about with your commenty SEX, your sad
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posted on 12/30/01 at 09:14 AM
by the way charles, I am married to a charming witty, womwn from ST Peteresburg, who if I am honest has more to give me than I to give her, Iam lucky but then again I looked for a person , and not a part of the anatomy, sorry if this sounds rude
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posted on 12/31/01 at 05:01 PM
Well put naces
well put indeed, Touche !!

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