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Icon depicting mood of post posted on 12/31/01 at 17:01

Well put naces
well put indeed, Touche !!

Icon depicting mood of post posted on 12/30/01 at 09:14

by the way charles, I am married to a charming witty, womwn from ST Peteresburg, who if I am honest has more to give me than I to give her, Iam lucky but then again I looked for a person , and not a part of the anatomy, sorry if this sounds rude

Icon depicting mood of post posted on 12/30/01 at 09:10

Charles, are you looking for friendship, chat, or is this just a case of "russian girls are so hard up that they will screw anyone"? what are you on about with your commenty SEX, your sad

Icon depicting mood of post posted on 12/23/01 at 00:52

hi all,
I am probably visiting there soon(eastern russia and eastern europe)
I am not rich and I'm not looking for a wife although, I am single.
I'm interested in a companion....and sex!
I would like to go to Moscow, St. Petersburg and across eastern Europe.
I need a guide and partner. Do you want a trip?
Contact me soon at: [email protected]
That is my E-mail address.
How can I contact you? and Where can we meet?
I am serious....are you? Charles

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