Bill Johnson


  • Age : 42
  • Height : 6, 2
  • Weight : 240 lbs
  • Color of eyes: Brown
  • Hair : Light brown
  • Children : 2 Almost Grown
  • Marital Status : Divorced
  • Profession: Investment Consultant
  • Languages: English
  • Education:


My name is Bill. I am 42 years old and live in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am 6’ 2 and weigh about 240 lbs. I have light brown hair and brown eyes. I am active and healthy. I hope to find true happiness with a wonderful woman, and would love to share all of life’s great experiences with her. My birthday is August 16, 1958. I am a LEO. I grew up in a small town called Wilmington in the state of Delaware. It is along the Atlantic Ocean halfway between Florida, which is all the way southeast in America and Maine which is all the way northeast. I moved to Florida in 1988 to run a large company’s (Smith Barney) consulting business in Florida. My father is a Doctor and my mother is a teacher. She still coaches a tennis team. She is 71 years old. I have a brother who lives in Texas. He sells houses. My younger sister is a judge in Delaware, where I grew up. I have two children. My kids are great and live with their mom for 9 months a year in the state of North Carolina. We would have much time to be together. They spend their summers in Florida with me. My daughter is 11 and her name is Kelsey. Tyler is my son. He is 14. I love to travel, play tennis and also enjoy golf. Fishing is also fun especially with the children. Although there are great beaches nearby, we get so hot in the summer that winter time or late evening are the only times to really enjoy them. In the summer swimming is something we do a lot of. Because it is warm here, everyone spends a lot of time in the pool. The Florida Keys are a group of islands south of my home that are beautiful. It is one of my favorite places to go for a weekend vacation. I make the trip with friends several times a year. From West Palm, I can get to Key West, which is the southernmost point in the Continental United States, in 4 1/2 hours by car. I always enjoy it there. Ernest Hemingway, a great American author spent a lot of time there. I also enjoy travelling to other parts of this country as well as other countries. The islands in the Caribbean are beautiful with bright blue water that is so clear you can see the turtles and fish swimming.

I work very hard and in return can afford to live a very comfortable and exciting life. I am looking for One True Love to share all these wonderful experiences with who will truly be thankful for our good fortune. We have an expression here "some people see a glass half empty others see the glass half full." I always see the glass as half full. I look for the best in everything and everyone I meet. If someone is dishonest or hurts me in some way, I do not dwell on it, I just move on. Life is too short to fill our days with negative thoughts. I truly believe we control our own destiny. Everyone is put on this earth to accomplish certain things. My goal in life is to create a harmonious loving environment for my children, my soul mate, and me. Running my successful Consulting Practice is an important part of that goal. A wise old man once told me..."Bill, the harder you work, the luckier you become." I have been very lucky and want a truly loving woman who wants to create harmony, not look for the negative in life.


Contact information for Bill Johnson
7670 Quida Drive West Palm Beach, Florida 33411 USA
Phone 561-686-3401
Email: [email protected]


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