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Financial status of American Men.
[email protected] - 4/6/02 at 07:32 AM

After having read hundred's of profiles of russian women seeking American husband's,I have read and reasoned why most are seeking a man who is "well to do".Everyone needs stability in their life,especially a woman who chooses to move to the US,leaving most of their lives behind. The simple truth is this:perhaps only 15% of the men in the US fit this description, leaving 85% of us in the predicament of earning a decent income and chasing our dreams of finding the perfect woman who will work hard,juggling time and energy in the helping of raising a family and enjoying life on the day-to-day basis.These men are hard workers,they love with their heart,they like to play hard.Most of these men will never be able to travel the world,eat at fine restaurants-that does not mean they wouldn't like to,only that they will never be able to afford to.Most have decent morals and dreams and accept the fact that they will never see the day they can travel the world in style. So,if Russian women,and others seek to find a man for marriage in the US,forget the dream of traveling the world and accept the reality of finding one that works hard,provides for his family,is faithful and trustworthy, dependable forever.This man may be divorced, he may have children-so what!Most american women have no respect for american men.They get married and realize that life loses it's excitement in the everyday mundane tasks that reality consist's of.Why do you think the divorce rate in the US is over 50%? I,myself,am not a rich man-not yet.I have dreams,I work hard,play hard,attend church. I have high moral standards-I've been divorced by 2 wives,I have 2 precious daughters 3&5 years old.If I never marry again-fine.My dreams of finding the perfect woman still exist-I have higher projections because of past failures. The point is this:we in the US,must struggle to earn a living just like everyone else in the world!Most are not poor,we are comfortable.We accept reality,even though we strive for better things in life.If a Russian woman chooses to come to America to find a husband,I hope she is willing to work just as hard as she does in Russia,at work and at keeping the family intack.There is no easy road for any of us,no matter where they live now.Good luck to all who struggle for happiness in their lives,but realize that life is a struggle-who will you struggle with?This is the only question!

dolphin 38 - 4/12/02 at 05:32 PM

how true your letter is i was amazed to read and i couldnt put in better words the reality of life,but beware of some russian women with sexual intentions,been there not want to go there no more.