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  • Age : 48
  • Height : 168 cm, 5ft 6in
  • Weight : 63 kg
  • Color of eyes: Brown
  • Hair : Brown
  • Children : 2
  • Marital Status : Divorced
  • Profession: Education
  • Languages: Russian, English
  • Education: Higher


I'm a lucky woman who have a wonderful daughter, a son (who is a husband of my daughter) and a small creature (my grandson) who is getting more skillful day after day and bring us pleasure to realize how precious life is. We are a true family and always ready to support each other, but we are not closed from other people in a small love radiating place that's called family circle. We are open to friends, ideas, whatever life can give us. So, in this few words I can explain my traditional family view, my basic principles and a part of my life, that is big enough but doesn't comprise everything I have. I live in a rather big city that gives me a possibility to feel comfortable about where to go and where to spend my free time. Here you may find many interesting exhibitions, art museums and theatres that are a really good source to relax and be absorbed by cultural achievements of manhood. I like being with friends, though I can't say that I'm very sociable. Some people may think that I'm a bit reserved but that is just cause they don't know me much. I give my whole heart and soul to sincere, kind, tactful and intelligent people whoever they are. I do not have any social prejudice. If you ask my friends to describe me as a person, they would rather say that I'm loyal, calm, kind, accurate in what I say and what I do, family-oriented, industrious, benevolent, understanding, and maybe something else, don't know. This is my first time I'm speaking on their behalf :-) I like wide spaces, and colorful views, fresh air, walking, calm family evening, eating out, working out, and maybe I like even more thing, but I can't put that all in just a one letter. I have shortcoming, as all people do, but I'm not sure whether I should put them here. You may write me back and get to know me better. I like reading, but the more I read the more I like women's novels of 18-19 century. I like music of different types. I can dance and listen to children's songs with my grandson, I usually get pleasure listening to the classic music in my daughter’s car, I enjoy pop and rock in the dancing hall. So, you see as all people do, I do not have any favorites at this time. Maybe one day, my special person and me will have a song, that will accompany us wherever we go and whatever we do. That's the song of love and mutual care, that reveals tenderness in everything people do and that gives that softness to the voice of the beloved person. Nothing could be compared to that.

I do not set any plans. I'm just looking for a person who I can feel comfortable with, to enjoy life and be partners whatever we like to do together. I'm looking for an attentive, secure man with intentions to give warmth and get same in return.

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