Monday December 20, 2004



  • Age : 28
  • Height : 171 cm
  • Weight : 67 kg
  • Color of eyes: Green
  • Hair : Blonde
  • Children : None
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Profession: Translater
  • Languages: Russian, English, Ukraine
  • Education: Average


It is always very difficult to speak about myself … But I think, that I can tell about myself, as about the good person, I seem to me, that the gentle and tender woman, elegant, i educated and intelligent. And during time I simply good person. I think, that to be the good person it is more important, than to have attractive look. I always would like, that men saw not only physical my beautiful eyes, my long white hair. I always would like, that like me , as the person. Also accepted my kind heart, my soul.

I search probably for the man whom can make me happy. I believe that the happiness between two people is created by them - two people, instead of one person. I believe that there will be a person who will surround me with caress, care. I know, that my dreams, probably, will always stay dreams. But me it would be desirable to tell. To tell, that I would like to wake up early in the morning and to feel his body near to myself. And sometimes, I simply would like, that to me have prepared for coffee. And sometimes, I would like, that I have prepared for simply good supper to it and we have spent the time together. Will be somewhere with a lot of candels, probably beside the sea and somewhere , where we can hear a breeze. So it is banal. I would like to care of someone and someone would care of me …. Sometimes I would like to hold simply his hand …. And something more……I would like , that he accsept me, who I am. I am ready to present the love and heat to the one who can love me too , If you are this person…I waiting for you.. Also I hope, that already now we shall meet you very soon …. I would like to become part of your life.. I have made now the first step. I have written about myself. I have written for you. Also I hope, that you will find me … Find me … I beside … I here.. I wait for you …

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