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    Have you ever visited the Russia ? If not, we invite you to Dnepropetrovsk- the third biggest city in Russia after Kiev and Kharkov and the second one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities after Kiev. It is located on the banks of three rivers- the great Ukrainian river Dnepr and two smaller ones.

    When foreigners come to our city, they notice two things at once- beauty of the city and an exceptional beauty of the ladies who live in it.
    Many of them say that a single day of their stay here gives them an opportunity to see as many beautiful ladies as they can see in their own countries for the whole life.

    Ukrainian and Russian ladies are some of the most beautiful ones in the world. To make sure just take a look at our Photo Album. But their real beauty is also inside. Trust me when i say you will get hyper after viewing some of the ladies we have why not try going through the list. Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very sincere, loving and caring. But many of them have not found their one true love in their own city and have decided to seek it overseas. Our women have some very traditional family values. All they need is just to start a strong family, to have a caring, loving, devoted and faithful husband and a happy home with children. And they are able to give their husbands all their love, tenderness, passion and care in return. Are you looking for such a wife? So give it a try, and we will be happy to help you.



We provide a Complete Service including Mail Forwarding, Translation Services, Phone Calling, Gifts and Flowers Delivery, an opportunity for men to Advertise themselves in our local newspapers and magazines. We will help you to meet a lady of your dreams in person when you come on a Personal Tour to our city. If you compare the costs and value of our services to ones of some other agencies you will see that we offer very high quality services for very reasonable prices.

    We guarantee that all these girls are REAL with REAL ADDRESSES. We know all the ladies of our agency in person. They must come to our office in person in order to register with us. All the girls on this site are ACTIVELY trying to find a foreign partner for marriage or a long term relationship. We ask all of our ladies, on a regular basis, if they wish to be removed from our database so we only list the girls who are actively looking for a partner. If you order any addresses from us and the address, telephone number is incorrect or the lady has already found her partner, then we will give you a replacement address free of charge

    Note that we can NOT guarantee replies from ladies, for this depends on their personal preferences. We can guarantee that any letters sent through us will be forwarded to the lady concerned, either through personal collection or by regular mail. We STRONGLY recommend using ONLY registered mail.

    All services can be paid for, through our secure server, by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Cash, Money Order, or Check. As soon as you have found some ladies you are interested in, you can immediately retrieve their contact details. Use our email forwarding service, and you will start receiving replies from our ladies within a week.

    We are a part of a worldwide Angelika Marriage Agency Network. Its headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, USA, and its offices are in Europe, America and Australia. We work together as a team according to the rules established by our American headquarter, and you will find a reliable, professional services in our Network. To have more information about our agency, see About Us.

    This Angelika Network web site provides secure encryption for processing your credit card using Itransact.com. We now accept checks and credit card payments via PayPal. Your charge will be billed to your credit card as World Digital Network, Inc. At no time is your credit card information ever transmitted outside the US office.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.  For more online dating site check out cupdisreviews.com!

    We wish you good luck in your search for your One True Love!

Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Are these girls for real?

    A. Yes, all the girls on our site are actively trying to find a foreign partner for a marriage. We know each of our clients in person and talked with her in our office. So they have a serious attitude to the search for a partner.

    Q. Why do the women on your web-site want to find a foreign husband?

    A. They just want to have stability, a warm house and a traditional family, everything they cannot find in local men. Most of our men have a lot of problems with alcoholism, they cannot provide their families, they are rude, do not respect their women and treat them very bad, etc. Each of our ladies is really interested in being married to a man who she will love and care for and who will love her too. Americans, Canadians, Australians and men from Western Europe have good reputations as real gentlemen among Ukrainian ladies.

    Q. How do I start?

    A. You have to decide whom you would like to meet ( age range, education, height, weight, language ability, etc.). Then go to our search engine and enter the details the ladies you are looking for. Select a number of ladies to write to and click on the "Order my address" button. If you would like to use our mail forwarding and translation service you need to click on the "Send me a letter" button. Generally, it takes up to about one week to receive a reply.

    Q. I am wondering how I would view my account status regarding credits or addresses that I have remaining?

    A. First of all you need to click on our Account information link from our main page. Then you should enter your email address and password. "Edit your profile" - shows your account balance. "Recall addresses" - allows you to see which ladies address you already received. "Retrieve address" - can be used to obtain your password if you've lost or fogotten it.

    Q. If a woman has no foreign language listed on her profile, should I assume she doesnt speak english?

    A. If a lady has no language ability listed, then she cannot speak that language.

    Q. What do the language abilities mean?

    A. Level 0 - No knowledge.
    Level 1 - Some forgotten knowledge from school or university.
    Level 2 - Understands written text with help of dictionary.
    Level 3 - Understands written text with some help of dictionary, can write a little or speak on the phone a little.
    Level 4 - Understands written text, can write and speak on the phone (almost no communication barrier).
    Level 5 - Fluent language ability.

    Q. How to purchase individual addresses?

    A. You should visit the Album page, or use our Search Engine and click on the thumbnail of the girl whose address you want to purchase. This will open her profile page in a new browser window, where you will see a button "Order my address". Press it and this lady will be added into your shopping cart.
    Close this window if you want more addresses.
    Repeat adding girls into your shopping cart.
    When you add the last one, do not close a window with a shopping cart - revise it, and edit by unchecking the girls that you don't really want and pressing Refresh button. When you are satisfied with your list, please press the "Place Order" button. Order form will open where you should fill in your personal info. Upon completion of this form press the 'Continue' button and you will be taken to the secure server where you will accomplish the payment process, and after this you will see addresses on your confirmation page in your browser and also immediate confirmations by e-mail will be sent to you.

    Q. How many women should I write to?

    A. That depends on how good of a letter writer you are, and what sort of a photograph you send to them. The average man should begin with 10-20 letters and he would likely get replies from 50% of the women he writes to. The better the letter and the higher the quality of the photos, the more replies you will receive. Of course, no web-site or agency can guarantee how many letters you will receive.

    Q. What benefit do I get from being a member of your site?

    A. You get to retrieve up to ten addresses free per month, and an initial $30 worth of free email forwarding to start you off. Membership lasts for one year.

    Q. I am getting ready to write to some of your ladies. Do they have to pay to write back to me?

    A. No, the ladies are not charged for replying to you. Your mail forwarding account is charged for the ladies correspondence.

    Q. I have transferred money into the mail forwarding account. Why does it say I can't retrieve the ladies' address?

    A. Opening a mail forwarding account does not entitle you to retrieve the addresses of ladies on the server free of charge. If you wish to retrieve her address and use the email forwarding service, then membership may be a better option. Otherwise you may pay directly for a woman's address.

    Q. I opened a mail forwarding account for $50 with you. How can I see how much money is left in the account?

    A. You need to go to the Account Information page and log in using your email and password. You do not need to have purchased membership, just have purchased something from the site.

    Q. I've lost the email you sent me with my password. Can you send it to me again?

    A. All you need to do is to enter you email address without your password and the server will send the password associate with that email address to the email address.

    Q. I'm having trouble uploading photos when trying to send a letter. What am I doing wrong?

    A. First, you first need to ensure the picture is less than 100kb in size. This is the maximum size allowed. Secondly, the file needs to be in JPG format. Most imaging packages can save in JPG format, so if the file has a different extention, convert it to JPG using a package such as Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Shop, etc. Finally, the filename must NOT contain any spaces. If it does, rename the file to remove the spaces. The pictures should now upload without any problems. If you are sending a large number of pictures, it may take a few minutes for your modem to upload the pictures to our server.

    Q. What about having the girl I choose come to visit me in the United States instead of me going to Ukraine?

    A. You can only ask her, you have nothing to loose. This is very unlikely because you will have problems obtaining a visa and the lady is unlikely to accept if she has never met you.

    Q. Do I need a visa to the Ukraine?

    A. Yes, to come to the Ukraine you must have a visa. Recently Ukrainian government made the procedure of obtaining entry visas for foreigners much easier. You don't need any invitation to come to Ukraine. You can obtain a Ukrainian entry visa in Ukrainian Embassy in your own country. Please contact them about details and prices.

    Q. What is the best place to meet each other for the first time?

    A. You may meet either in the Ukraine, or in your country. Generally, many Ukrainian women have never been abroad and would be happy to go to another country at their earliest convenience. However, in this case most of them would prefer if a man comes to the Ukraine to meet for the first time. They will feel more confident and safe. You too will have some advantage from this situation. Visiting your lady in the Ukraine (see Personal tours), you'll get a better opportunity to see her in her own environment, get acquainted with her parents, relatives and friends who will "work" as an invaluable additional source of information about your lady. Besides, your trip to the Ukraine will be less expensive than accepting the lady in your country. The best way to stay is to rent a hotel room or a private apartment.


Personal Tours

    A personal tour to our City is possibly the most exciting adventure that could ever change your life. Not only will you visit a country rich in tradition and culture but you will meet some of the worlds most attractive and sincere Russian women in the Former Soviet Union.

    Russian women are not only beautiful and appealing for their outlook on life and traditional values but more importantly, they have desires in life that so many western women have put aside. They want a true love, and a warm and loving family, they want to meet that one special personal whom they can love and share the important things in life.

    During your trip you'll meet many Russian women and have plenty to fill your days and nights, dining, dancing, site seeing are only a few of the activities you'll enjoy. From the moment you arrive in Ukraine our staff will assist you and cater your needs.

    The objective of the tour is to introduce you to as many Russian women as possible in the best possible situation - One on One. During your tour our staff will schedule meetings for you every day you want, you'll meet with the Russian women you want - at the pace you want.

        * Private Lodging
          Breakfast, housekeeping, shopping assistance, laundry, since we arrange tours for individuals we can arrange for just about anything you need to make your stay comfortable and worry free
        * Unlimited arranged meetings with the ladies on our website
          Browse our catalog and pick out the ladies you'd like to meet. Since they all live in one town it's no problem. On an average 90% of the ladies will come and meet a man who is already in Dnepropetrovsk with little or no notice.
        * Consultations via email and during your visit
          During the process of finding the ideal partner in another country you will have questions arise. Our staff will be there to give you the information that you need so that you can make educated decisions.
        * Personal Secretary
          Your secretary will contact all of the ladies you would like to meet, handle your schedule, handle your correspondence and any other task you might expect a secretary.
        * Office Use
          Our office is staffed from 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday and from 12 to 7pm Saturdays, with staff available around the clock at your service.

Sample Profile 1

Date of birth: the 5th of August, 1977
Age: 23
Height: 156 cm ~ 5ft 1"
Weight: 50 kg ~ 110 lb
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Blonde
Build body: Slim
Education: College degree
Profession: Engineer-economist
Occupation: Unemployed
Smokes: No
Zodiac: Leo
Marital status: single
Languages: English: 1
In own words: I am romantic by nature; I like traveling in the company of my friends. I value strong family, friendship. I believe in love and faithfulness.

Seeks Partner: Romantic, kind,responsible, loving children, a good family man, physically strong, slender, good-looking, smart.

Seeks Partner: 27 - 40 years old

Her location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Her contact information available: Address Phone
Address retrieved: 5

Sample Profile 2

    Victoria tm8822
    Beautiful woman from Ukraine seeking lifetime companionshipDate of birth: the 13th of December, 1981
    Age: 19
    Height: 160 cm ~ 5ft 2"
    Weight: 56 kg ~ 123 lb
    Eye color: Green
    Hair color: Black
    Build body: Sportive
    Education: Technical college
    Profession: Technologist
    Occupation: Unemployed
    Smokes: No
    Zodiac: Sagittarius
    Marital status: single

    In own words: I am kind, compliant, cultural, sentimental, energetic, active. I like nature, sports, animals, dancing, classical music, tourism, literature, children. I do not like treachery, stubbornness, misunderstanding, rudeness.

    Seeks Partner: Educated, kind, compliant; sportive built, tall, loving nature, animals. Optimist, leader, without bad habits. Businessman. Able to understand, to support during hard time, to respect and to defend. Neat, punctual, sentimental, energetic.

    Seeks Partner: 25 - 40 years old

    Her location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
    Her contact information available: Address
    Address retrieved: 2
    Current Members, please sign in and click retrieve to get her address now: